The Reds Are Rocking 

During a regular visit to our recent uploads feature page, The Reds® caught my attention.  Punk?  Here?  I was rather surprised.  After reading the member profile, I wisely decided that these videos deserved a fair look.  Both videos, Wild the first track on their new CD Fugitives From The Laughing House, and Cry Tomorrow from an earlier album, are a very pleasant surprise in a whirlpool of thoroughly modern music.  There is no need for a gimmick.  The Reds simply capture your heart with their obvious raw passion and superlative talent.

Wild quickly went from "I need to look at this" to "I LOVE IT."  One reluctant yet non-judgmental view turned into five views.  During the first, my visual and auditory senses peaked and were quite busy.  I watched again, concentrating on the graphics as they faded in and out of the screen, taking on a personality of their own.  The lion's share, a very pleasant revelation, came with the third view, when I closed my eyes, allowing myself to merge with the music.  This is an auditory marvel.  Suddenly, it dawned on me.  The sound I heard was a sweet mixture of The Clash and The Rolling Stones, and a dash of The Police all perfectly blended.  This was a truly sweet experience! I envisioned days gone by.  Sudden flashes of a single white feather dangling from a new second ear piercing that tickled the neck ever so lightly, danced through my mind.  This is a thoroughly modern sound, which brings fleeting visions of one of the most highly charged times in the history of music.  Clearly discernible over the acoustics, the lead vocalist flaunts the most potent voice I have heard in recent years.  The sound is bewitching.  There is a notable absence of pounding bass beats blaring from amps.  There is no need for loud screaming.  One does not need to strain to listen to the words of these songs.  Cutting-edge, haunting chords resound from synthesizers.  A classic drumbeat reverberates while softly whining guitars and a plucky keyboard collectively compose the characteristics of Cry Tomorrow.  One would expect this to sound like a one-man band, primitive and jagged as the artists struggle to find a melody.  No assumption could be further from the truth.  The instruments blend beautifully, and again, the potent vocals rise above the din.

The Reds have a detailed website, containing tidbits of their very rich history.  Fugitives From The Laughing House their 2007 release is available for purchase.  The good news is that until your copy arrives, you can listen to these amazing artists right here!

• Claire M. — The Lioness Den Blog — September 2007