The main vision Rick Shaffer had for his “Some Say” video was to create something layered, and very dense.  Combined with a visual that moves chaotically back and forth, and a rhythm that takes the viewer off-guard at first, with a decent that ends right back at the beginning, as the lyric tells us, "We haven't learned."
Shaffer and director, Christopher Kelley, successfully worked together on an earlier project.  So, when Shaffer laid out the emotional tone he was seeking for his new video, Kelley absorbed the vision, added his unique slant and expertise, and was off and running.  Kelley filmed with an extreme sense of urgency of the interaction between an artist and her lover to reflect the chaos of the story that many viewers will recognize happening in their own lives.
∎ CREDITS: Director: Christopher Kelley | Artist: Kirsten Nadine Mitchell | Lover: Michael Mitchell | Artwork created during filming, based on original artwork by, Jill Emery | Producers: Victoria Kelley & Mike Sorensen | Production Company: Table Sixteen Productions — | Still Photographs: Theresa Marchione ©2014 — All rights reserved. | ©2014 Tarock Music