Jim Peters, Rick Shaffer, Bruce Cohen, Tommy Geddes


THE REDS® at Hurrah

The second half of the twin bill, The Reds®, was delayed by the first act, Pirates, due to equipment hassles.  As a result, this highly promising band did not hit the stage until well over 90 percent of the audience's bedtime.  Still, Philadelphia's Reds put on a credible show in the face of adversity  Although some of their heavy metal histrionics have sparked comparisons to Aerosmith, The Reds® remind me more of the Cars in their shrewd amalgam of progressive experimentation and pop hooks.

Shows like this one, though, where record company pressure treats The Reds® like so many gadflies, brushing them aside and forcing them to wait until 4 a.m. to play their first set, can cause even a young band to lose it's hair.  The record industry of today conservatively prefers to sign veterans as it ignores newcomers.  So, while the Pirates may be red hot, you'll excuse me for saying I'm hight on The Reds®.  There's nothing wrong with looking back, but, if you'll notice, English rock 'n roll is slowly losing its reputation for musical innovation to the Americans.  It may have taken the English to turn us on to our own music, but we've more than caught up.  Groups like The Reds® prove we're moving ahead.

— Roy Trakin