The New York Times




     Rick Shaffer, Tommy Geddes, Jim Peters, Bruce Cohen



. . . Sham 69 did churn out a solid dance beat.  But so did The Reds, who opened the show, and to these ears were much better.  The Reds' most impressive achievement is their group sound, which blends Rick Shaffer's guitar, and Bruce Cohen's keyboards into an interestingly textured drone.  Short, repeating guitar and keyboard figures, seem to rise out of and then disappear back into this drone, while Mr. Shaffer sings his urban vignettes with affecting intensity and the rhythm section provides both punch and lift.

The Reds didn't come across with the precision they demonstrated on their first album, which was one of the more promising rock debuts of the year.  But they were fighting a poor sound mix, and at least their style and spirit remained intact.