Rick Shaffer is a man that follows his own path and a steadfastly unfashionable path it is too with clear evidence of a resolute refusal to polish his musical vision into mass market mediocrity. So, if you like it rough and ready then you will probably have found the man of your dreams right here.
“Remember” makes a convincing case for this approach as the simple but relentless guitar riff overpowers the robotic drums on a journey down that goes all the way down the road to redemption. Redemption practically implies the blues and that 12 bar approach is to be found on many of the other songs on this album with “Got To Go” being the prime example. This album might be a low budget thing but it sits right in the groove throughout.
Perhaps the weakest thing about this album is Rick Shaffer’s rather indistinctive voice but since it is a simple message that he chooses to deliver that isn’t too great a liability and, looking on the bright side, you have one more reason to crank it up.

• Bluesbunny Music Reviews • Glasgow, UK