Tarock Music called on director and editor, David N. Donihue (Super Rad Films) to give "One More Heartache" the vintage look it required to match Rick Shaffer's vintage sound.  Shaffer's poignant lrics of turning your back on what's continually forced fed to everyone daily demanded Donohue's expertise of creating commercials and music videos.  Donihue's concept was to tell the story of children choosing not to blindly follow the hype from big company advertising, by visually creating two worlds - the real world in black and white, and the glossy world of advertisers in color.  After searching through thousands of 1960's commercials, Donihue creatively shows the progression of the children's alarmed state to the final conclusion of their ultimate choice.  The finished vedeo provides the powerful query - is it what you believe, or what you know.  |  ©2012 Tarock Music