New Music From Around The World

New music is here and this go around I'm listening to Bruce Cohen. The first single, Blue Stomp, from the album THREE BC is an eclectic amalgamation of digital synths and a solid back beat of drums & bass.

Somewhere between the ethereal trance of Pink Floyd's musical magic and the sounds of nature that surround us every day you will find the music of Bruce Cohen. The rhythm keeps you moving and pulls you into the next moment in time. The combination of man and machine have found a state of harmony that pleases the ear. Bruce has found his center of peace and manifested it into a blend of sounds that sooth the soul and energize the heart.

I highly recommend that you listen to Bruce's music on headphones. The spacial movement of his compositions will transport you into another dimension of consciousness. Just close your eyes and get swept away to a new land of imagination and wonder. 

∎ David Hughes — New Music From Around The World Blog