Bruce Cohen is back with an EDM/electronica/trance experience and I promise this is something you don’t want to miss.  Welcome to Three BC – In A Trance.

If I wasn’t awake before, I am definitely awake now.  All 6 minutes and 52 seconds of the first track had me moving and hypnotically grooving around the room uncontrollably.  Then I noticed the dog looking at me funny.

Each of the 12 songs clock in at 5+ minutes so Bruce is launching us into a soundscape that can be enjoyed for quite a while.  Did I mention each track also launches you into fits of uncontrollable tribal movements?

Yeah, I’m sure that’s the “In A Trance” part of the album title in action.

This is far from Cohen’s first dance.  If you’re a fan of this type of music you might be familiar with Bruce’s work. Remember The Reds® from back in the day on A&M?  They released an album called The Reds then opened up for acts like The Police, Blondie, The Ramones, and The Psychedelic Furs.  Following up with an EP titled Green With Envy, The Reds® grew to international acclaim.  They left A&M and released two more albums independently further solidifying their presence on the international scene.

Universal re-released their first two A&M albums, The Reds, and Green With Envy, digitally in 2012.  If Universal has a piece of it, then you know it’s a substantial piece of sonic art.

Fast forward to present day and we can see Bruce continues creating sonic opuses that capture the ears and move the soul.

Three BC – In A Trance is more than a collection of 12 songs; it’s a journey through sound.  It’s a voyage through the creative mind of Bruce Cohen, with his rubbery bass, quirky scrapes and all its exploratory glory.

Cohen is a mad scientist arranging sonic algorithms into seamless, soul stimulating compositions.

∎ Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman — MTM • Middle Tennessee Music, 2015