Pure unadulterated, no fucks given Rock n’ Roll is what Rick Shaffer is all about with his latest album, ‘Stacked Deck’.  It’s a non-stop barrage of riffs, power and old school gritty vocals.  Shaffer stays true to the sound and vibe his fans have come to love, so if you loved his previous work, expect to love this one as well.

The sound of this record is what we’ve come to expect from Rick.  Stripped back, raw and nothing but balls against the wall.  It’s an immensely pure album in a sense that it embodies what Rock music is and should be about, the essence of humanity.  You can feel that there’s only people making music on this record.  Nothing is fake, nothing is digital.  The sound retains its human element and thus, hits you where it matters.

Rick Shaffer is as gritty as they come.  His vocal delivery on this record is superb and shows just how it’s done.  He nails that old school, ‘Howlin’ Wolf’ vocal groove with no trouble at all, giving his music a distinct characteristic.  Shaffer’s instrumental abilities are also second to none.  The guitar work is tight, twangy and plucked with feeling whilst the rhythmic section is solid, meaty and ballsy.

If you dig the tunes of Southern music, Jack White, The Black Keys or Early Rolling Stones, give Rick Shaffer a listen. His pure stance on Rock n’ Roll will have you movin’ and shakin’ in no time.

• Monolith-Sound