Album: Hidden Charms

Artist: Rick Shaffer

Label: Tarock Music

Added to Playlist: May 2011


Channeling Elvis, Link Wray, Flat Duo Jets.  One man studio band with a little help, “old school” proving that the recipe still can work.  Big guitar and vocals, sounds like its gonna be tradi-rock but then psyche and garbage can weirdness appears.  Great stuff. Play with new Crystal Stilts, Doo Rag, all things John Spencer (e.g. Boss Hog, etc), Tav Falco and the Panther Burns, Detroit Cobras, White Stripes.

  1) NO BIG THING - swampy, bouncy hip shaking (BEST TRACK?).
  2) BUY AND SELL - slower jangle with tambourine.
  3) SHADOW LINE - chorus effect on guitar gives this a strange 80’s new              wave meets garage feel.
  4) NOBODY HOME - swamp blues rhythm and mean tone, nice.
  5) CRIME OF LOVE - tambourine, very Stones’y.
  6) CRUEL WORLD - bluesy and soulful, slide guitar takes the spotlight.
  7) BREAKIN’ DOWN - darker, fuzzier, cool guitar embellishments (BEST                 TRACK?).
  8) GONNA SHOUT - upbeat and the fuzziness ramps up a notch, yeah!
  9) TIGHT LIKE THAT - swampy smarmy blues, what Aerosmith dreams of in           the old folks home.
10) THE STRANGER - slow epic bad assed blues swing, takes no prisoners. 

• Your Imaginary Friend • Reviewed 2011-05-01 • KZSU