There are some folks who claim that straight-up no-bullshit meat and potatoes old-time rock’n’roll racket is plumb dead.  Well, both I, and more importantly, Rick Shaffer certainly knows different. 

Shaffer’s smooth snarl hisses out the unpretentious lyrics with admirable just-say-it-man directness.  Better still, the hard-as-granite drums, chugging bass lines, and rippin’ reverb-soaked guitars keep the snaky tempos and slithery beats a crawlin’ along with tremendous grit and gusto.  It’s a little bit 50’s rockabilly, a dab of 60’s soul, with some lowdown blues tossed in for good measure and blended together with bang-on proficient musicianship. Think the bastard lovechild of Buddy Holly, Link Wray, and Mick Jagger, and you’ll get the picture on just how insanely boss this shit is. 

So, dig in, open wide, and eat it up, boppers, ‘cause good ol’ fashioned rock is here to stay, baby!