Artistic results are reached time after time by The Reds®, and writing about this band cannot be considered a tough job, especially for someone like me, who has been following with passion the ensemble from Philadelphia since their first LP on A&M Records in 1979.  Veterans of the USA underground (their first single "Joey" was released in 1977) and authors of effective "punk and roll," with exciting new wave influences, characterized by the wonderful voice of Rick Shaffer.  

The Reds® release "Cry Tomorrow" is made up of only two of the original band members (Rick Shaffer, voice and guitar, Bruce Cohen, keyboards), and is a pleasant collection of rarefied and hypnotic songs that keeps the interesting charm of the original style of the band.  It is right and proper to give The Reds® a listen.

• Federico Guglieimi • Rumore Magazine • Rome, Italy


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