The electronic wall of sound of "Do You Play The Game," track 7 on the worldwide release of The Reds® second album, Stronger Silence (1981) was a follow-up to their A&M album, The Reds (1979). Stronger Silence is a more atmospheric and darker sound than their earlier recordings, but it did not change The Reds® basic attitude and experimental approach to their music . . . a sound that hooks you, takes you out there, then lays you six feet under. 

Stronger Silence features interesting ambient keyboard textures, very reminiscent of some of Brian Eno's early work with Roxy Music, while continuing the assault with Rick Shaffer's cutting, driving guitars and brooding vocals, with dark lyrical content to make for a trip into a world where there may be no return.

The music of the day inspired the young, freed the scared, and scared the old. The 1980's photographs offer a glimpse of what the world was like music wise, and culturally, in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, London, Paris, Berlin, and Moscow.