“Buy And Sell” is the second track on Rick Shaffer’s solo album, Hidden Charms, released February 2011, by Tarock Music.  Shaffer continues, expands, and nicely follows-up the feel of his first solo album, Necessary Illusion, released March of 2010.  The concept is for Hidden Charms to have a sound both new and old simultaneously, allowing it to find it’s place in a radio mix from 1965, and beyond. 

The album’s vibe inspired British director, Peter McAdam, to recruit 2011 youth right off the street,  and placing them on the set of a 1960’s dance hall he created at High Bridge Studios, Newcastle UK, and letting “Buy and Sell” play . . . loud.  The result is a video that also combines new and old, continuing the Hidden Charms concept by having today’s youth easily blend into the 1960’s and not looking, or feeling, out of place.  |  ©2011 Tarock Music T