Bruce Cohen’s third solo album “Three BC — In A Trance” focuses on the popular Trance/EDM genre that’s all about the beat.  Cohen’s quirky stamp of electronic keyboard scrapes and grooves, combined with his rubbery bass playing, gives the genre a unique twist.  When it came time to do a video it was apparent that track 1, Blue Stomp, was the likely choice.  Cohen wanted to keep the continuity of the trance vibe of the album with a trance visual for the video that would create a state of hypnotism and heightened consciousness.  So his record label steered him to gif artist Tyler Haywood, who’s company Angular Geometry has an unending cornucopia of unique gifs.  Cohen selected Pretty Colors as the perfect mesh of song and visual, but the video comes with a warning — do NOT watch while operating heavy machinery — otherwise get ready to visit the ethereal world of Bruce Cohen and Blue Stomp.


  • ARTIST: Bruce Cohen
  • SONG: Blue Stomp
  • ALBUM: Three BC
  • LABEL: Tarock Music (
  • GIF: Created By Tyler Haywood / Angular Geometry (