Rick Shaffer is a dynamic rock artist with a really unique background (he's a founding member of The Reds).  His sound makes us think of a wide variety of genres, ranging from punk, to garage, blues rock and psychobilly.  His most recent release, Let Go (track 3 on his ninth solo album, Creatures Of Impulse), is a particularly impressive song.  His singing has a theatrical quality to it, which really makes me think of genius artists like Tom Waits and Nick Cave.  In addition to that, the instrumental is a cavernous stomp, with driven drums and unique guitar tones.  The sound makes us think of artists like Stray Cats, The Blasters and The Cramps, making for a really gritty and down-to-earth approach.

If you like tried-and-true alternative rock with a retro twist, you are going to connect with this release.  Rick is a diverse and forward-thinking musical act, who is able to channel a wide range of influences, while retaining a stark and personal sound.  This release marks an important step further for the artist, and it is extremely well-produced, making for a great listening experience.

∎  Artist Rack, November 2018