Bruce Cohen is out with his brand new solo album Five BC.  You might know him as a part of the Philadelphia based band The Reds and with this record we get a closer look at the solo artist and the mindset of this artist.  I would dare to say that in many ways, this is an extension of his previous solo releases and with this record, it's even more obvious that it's the album as a whole that is in focus and not necessarily the different tracks on the record.  

The album kicks off with track called Groovatronic  This is a great introduction to the record and a clear indication of what's to come.  The sound is complex in its simplicity, meaning that it may seem a bit "less is more."  The cool thing is the elements that are not there.  The suggested sounds are created by the melody and space that lies between the sounds and the instruments.  I think this is an extraordinary production and the songwriting skills are impressive to say the least.

The whole album is easy on the ears.  It is well organized, it seems to be logical behind the track list and the production itself is spot on.  This is clearly an artist who had a vision and it seems to me like he hit a home run with this one.  More often than not, an artist will fight to get the vision out of his / her head and transfer it to paper or directly to a recording.  Five BC seems to be a 10 out of 10 record where everything just fell into place.  As a listener you can choose to just listen and enjoy or you can do what I did.  Try to listen to the whole story and the structure of the whole piece.

To be able to write something half descent about this record, I felt like I had to go back and listen to some of the other things Bruce Cohen has released over the years.  There is no doubt a connection between the various releases and in my book, Five BC is the best one yet.  

Best track on the album: Requiem

I am a sucker for a great album-closer. This is probably one of the best ends of an album in the last decade or so. 

Act One Magazine — Denmark, 2019