This album ("The Reds" A&M SP4772) explodes like fireworks in a black sky, as the 1970's came to an end.  Put simply it is a "Landmark Record" which is why it has never lost its allure.

The driving force is the guitar of Rick Shaffer and keyboards of Bruce Cohen. Remember that keyboards weren't common in hard rock at the time so Cohen and mates were pioneering a sound.  We can't forget the rhythm section.  None of this could work without them.  Kudos to Tommy Geddes (drums) and Jim Peters (bass).

With all the muscle wielded by The Reds® their songs are also smart and musically first rate.  They are sometimes angry, sometimes frustrated, and like all good writing, they don't fear exploring conflict.  The vocals can't be any better.  I'd like to see The Reds® released again.  It would be a great modern-rock candidate, with gorgeous tonality, wonderful song craft and impressive production.  "Lookout" or "Self Reduction" would be fresh on the radio.
How can a band miss with their intellect and their kind of presence?

Allan J. Moore  ●  ●  5 STARS (OUT OF 5)