In 1985 Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen (a/k/a The Reds) were recruited by Sara Risher (New Line Cinema) to contribute the track “Terror In My Heart” for A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, directed by Jack Sholder.  The version of “Terror In My Heart” in the film is the original 1985 recording, and was not included on the film soundtrack album. The version of the song in the film is not available anywhere else and, unfortunately, the master recording was lost.   

However, “Terror In My Heart” was re-recorded by Shaffer and Cohen in 1992 for Tarock Music's release of their album Cry Tomorrow, and the song was re-mastered by British producer, Mike Thorne, for the 2001 album re-release of Cry Tomorrow on his record label, The Stereo Society.  (Listen to the track above.)


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