The Reds®' second LP, "Stronger Silence," a follow-up to their self-titled A&M release, is a more atmospheric and darker sound than their previous recordings, but this has not changed the basic attitude and experimental approach to the band's music. "Stronger Silence" features some interesting ambient keyboard textures, very reminiscent of some of Brian Eno's early work with Roxy Music, while continuing the assault with Rick Shaffer's cutting, driving guitars and brooding vocals, with dark lyrical content to make for a trip into a world where there may be no return. 

Tracks like "It's Not The Same Thing," "Killing You" and "Don't Let Go" give you a sense of the band's groove factor and nod to their roots . . . . with a psychotic kind of James Brown meets The Doors and a 60's garage rhythm kicking about for good measure. 

The darker more somber tracks like "No More," "Just A Second," and the track to take you to the end of the world, "The Signal," lay out what can hopefully be a direction the band will continue to explore. 

From the opening shot "The Danger" and "Do You Play The Game," to the electronic wall of sound of "The Signal," it hooks you, takes you out there and lays you six feet under.  — (Stony Plain-RCA SPL 1037)