Rock.  Remember that!?  Philly based basic rockers, The Reds®, with a organ that lends an occasional psyche flavor.  But mostly about the male vocals, basic rock and drums, minimal lead wanks.  If this was slightly more stupid it would be a bar band, but its not.  Its good KZSU fundamental rock.  Remember that?  Rock?Guitar, songs, singing with a slow beer drenched feel overall?  Kissing a girl in the parking lot who just puked?  This is it.  FCC clean.

 1) BIG BOY - smarmy, blues swing, dirty.
 2) SIDEBUSTER - upbeat and the organ melody makes it, some tambourine, and        we got a sexy one.
 3) DIGGIN' IT - hip grinder, like a slow surf, good smarmy if down beat a tad.
 4) ENDLESS – slow, sexy, dark.
 5) NIGHT MUST FALL - mellow introspective, avoid.
 6) LAYING LOW - slow rock, organ, head nodding heavy beat 
 7) WHERE WE BELONG - upbeat spy feel some how, nice swing.
 8) A FEW DOLLARS MORE - drum machine feel, slow, slightly funky, approach.
 9) SO LONG - just a good head shaking side to side as in, “no, everything is NOT        alright, but fuck you for asking.”
10) STRANGENESS - stony rock feel, still falling into that slow 4/4 dark groove that is        sorta getting old, if I may say.
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• Your Imaginary Friend
    KZSU – Stanford (University), CA
    November 2, 2009